Auditions for placement in Liezl’s Piano Studio takes place in November every year.
Please send a request to audition before 30 November.
CLICK HERE and I will get back to you with more information.


ATTENDANCE Students are required to continue lessons for a full year, attend all scheduled lessons and classes, and participate in an unspecified number of recitals/house concerts. All students should arrive at lessons promptly, with all required materials and music.

ANNUAL CALENDAR The calendar year includes four terms. Each term is ten weeks long and includes  private lessons, group classes and an unspecified number of house concerts, SASMT concerts and other events. All students are required to participate in a minimum of one event outside the studio per year (i.e., a competition, an Eisteddfod, festival, audition).


   Plan A
• One 60-minute individual piano lesson per week
• I will focus only on piano playing without the possibility of entering for exams.
• No classes in ear training, sight reading, theory, practice methods, ensemble playing

   Plan B
• One 60-minute individual piano lesson per week
• Saturdays: 90-minute group lesson
• The group lessons will incorporate all aspects of developing functional musicianship.
• The possibility of entering for exams and eisteddfods

   Plan C
• Two 45/60-minute or one 90-minute individual piano lessons per week
• Saturdays: 90-minute group lesson
• The group lessons will incorporate all aspects of developing musicianship
• The students will frequently get opportunities to perform in Student Concerts.


PIANO IN THE HOME:  A piano in the home is required. The piano should be located in a quiet room away from the television and other distractions. An acoustic piano should be tuned at least once a year.

MAKEUP LESSONS:  One makeup lesson per term are allowed for excused absences from lessons. An absence due to illness, accident, or family emergency is excused provided the teacher is notified at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons missed due to family holidays are excused provided notification is given a month in advance. Lessons will be made up on the fourth Sunday of each month. It is the student’s responsibility to sign up for a makeup lesson time.

TEACHER ABSENCES:  The teacher reserves the right to miss lessons due to illness or professional commitments. The teacher can hire a substitute teacher or reschedule such lessons.

PRACTICE:  Students are required to practice a minimum of five days per week and meet the minimum practice time requirement as determined by the teacher. Failure to meet the practice requirement may result in termination of lessons.

LESSON TERMINATION:  Students may be asked to discontinue lessons at the end of a term if they have had more than one unexcused absence, three excused absences, or more than three unprepared lessons. Lessons may also be terminated for unpaid tuition.

TUITION AND PAYMENT:  The quarterly tuition (three months) can be paid in three payments at the beginning of a month, or the full amount can be paid at the beginning of each term. The preferred method of payment is by EFT;  cash payments are also welcomed. The tuition does not include music books or entry fees for eisteddfods, competitions and examinations. No refunds will be made for students who terminate lessons mid-term. There will be no refunds for missed lessons. The teacher reserves the right to raise fees at the beginning of each new teaching year.

PARENT PARTICIPATION Parents are encouraged to attend and quietly observe all lessons. The teacher reserves the right to ask the parent not to attend if the parent’s presence alters the quality of the lesson. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in practice at home.

OFFICE HOURS:  The teacher will be unable to discuss student progress with parents before or after the lesson since other students have lessons at those times. Parents/adult students should call or schedule an appointment with the teacher, if they have concerns or questions. The most convenient time to reach the teacher is Monday - Friday between 08H00 - 09H00 at 072 448 2862. E-mail messages to  are encouraged.