Music Tapestry House Concerts

A house concert is a chance to experience live music in a warm and intimate environment. Our hope and intention are to open up private homes, invite friends and music lovers into the living room to share in a performance by talented musicians.  Our dream is to keep classical music alive and to put its artistic practices in the hands of a new audience. The Music Tapestry house concerts are open to everyone. Our aim is to make the house concerts accessible, welcoming, low-cost, and available to all, regardless of age, race and class. It is also a chance to meet the performers in person and a great social evening with friends. Beautiful music brings joy and fulfilment, and we want to share that with the people in our community. We believe in the power of music. Our goal is also to give exposure to local and visiting musicians, to change people’s understanding of the role of art in everyday life, and to allow and strengthen communities’ support of local professional musicians.

At each of our concerts we encourage 'bring and share' whereby a snacks table is allocated. Whilst it is not required for guests to contribute, it is encouraged. The size of the snacks table is dependent on venue size and also predetermined by how many people will contribute to the evening.

Guests are requested to bring their own drinks.

We like to average 15 to 30 people for most of our house concerts. It's a casual, intimate atmosphere and every house concert is different. The focus is on a particular genre of classical music and from time to time we will incorporate modern genres. We have several performers who have expressed an interest in being part of the concerts. Enough to make sure that we can offer a variety of programs with different musicians. We will also offer ‘theme’ concerts. More about this when we start planning specific concerts in your homes!

If you know an artist that you think would enjoy the opportunity, feel free to let us know.

We are simply having gatherings of music lovers and friends, but in order for us to get professional musicians to perform, we need to ask for a "voluntary suggested donation”. We are hoping to manage a reasonable fee for musicians playing at these house concerts. We suggest having a donation bowl to collect the money (cash only), on behalf of the performers, at the door. We will work on the ‘honour' system and will need everyone's participation to keep the concept of house concerts going. 100% of the donations will go directly to the performers. The suggested donation will also depend on the number of people that will attend the house concert.

The ‘host’ will have the following responsibilities:
  • To set up the space. Give us an indication of how many people can be invited.
  • Provide us with a list of names. We will design the invitations and send it out.
  • Provide coffee/tea
  • Give us two or three possible dates, and an indication of the time that you would like the concert to be.
  • We will send the invitations and request an email RSVP from the invitees. A confirmation email will be sent stating they have been added to the RSVP list. There are no tickets. If you can host 20 people, give us a list of 25 names in case some can’t make it.

We use the RSVP list to be sure that we can fit everyone in.

If you have additional questions about our House Concert series, please feel free to contact us.
It is a new concept and your ideas/suggestions will be much appreciated.