Music Tapestry offers piano teaching ideas as well as an easy-to-access list of piano compositions by South African composers, performance opportunities for young musicians, a celebration of the late Roelof Temmingh’s life and works, recording opportunities and much more.


Liezl-Marét is a professional pianist and piano pedagogue that loves to share her passion for music with teachers, students and music lovers. Her on-going teaching experience at elementary to advanced levels has developed strong planning skills, adaptability and interpersonal skills. She is also committed to collaborative teaching, and have a keen interest in piano pedagogy and innovative approaches to teaching. She has experience in developing curricula for teaching keyboard skills at tertiary level, and for teaching piano pedagogy at undergraduate and post-graduate level. She is an experienced accompanist and chamber musician and enjoy performing works by South African composers.

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Peter is a talented and qualified musician. With a background in classical and modern piano, he has worked extensively in theatre as a freelance music director, writing, scoring, band arrangements and collaborations with singers and other performing artists. While working, travelling the world and entertaining crowds on cruise liners for many years, Peter amassed a huge musical repertoire as a cocktail pianist and keyboard player in show bands. Film and theatre critic, Billy Suter described him as “Durban’s most animated, vibrant pianist and musical director. He is a perfectionist, whose eye (and ‘ear!’) for detail will turn even the most basic recording into a masterpiece.”

There is a desire amongst teachers and young pianists to explore piano compositions by South African composers. Music Tapestry provides a list of piano compositions kindly provided by the composers themselves. We ‘grade’ the compositions according to the level of difficulty, add excerpts of the score, links to the composers’ websites, short descriptions of the compositions and an audio clip.

By having a Topic of the Month and giving the subscribers a chance to share their own posts on Music Talk, Music Tapestry wishes to address common issues in piano teaching and to create a network of teachers that learn from each other.

Music Tapestry also offer special services to the music community. These include performance opportunities for young musicians, recording facilities to record demos, custom-made accompaniment sound recordings for practice purposes. Additional Accompanist services are on offer.

The life and works of the late Roelof Temmingh are featured on the Music Tapestry website. Also included are interesting anecdotes, a featured composition of the month and his complete work list.